We Keep Getting Richer But Unhappier

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Bernie Sanders Suggests Amazon Wage Increases Are Response To Outside Pressure

UPDATE: Oct. 2 ― Amazon announced Tuesday that it would raise pay for all its employees to $15 per hour. CEO Jeff Bezos said in a release the company had listened... Read more »

States See Energy Boom Along With Economic Expansion

By Tim Henderson An oil and gas bonanza in Southwestern states may be helping to drive the continuing national economic boom. The nation’s 4.2 percent growth in GDP, estimated... Read more »

These 5 Rebel Movements Want To Change How Money Works

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We Cannot Fight Climate Change With Capitalism, Says Report

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The Black-White Unemployment Ratio Has Barely Budged

President Donald Trump defends himself against charges of racism by saying that not only is he not racist, but he has presided over some of the best job gains... Read more »

The Economy Won’t Save Republicans In The Midterms

Donald Trump keeps bragging about the economy — an unemployment rate of just 3.9 percent, 3.7 million jobs created since he took office, consumer confidence up. Will this help... Read more »

Kylie Jenner Is ‘Self-Made’ And Other Myths We Tell About The Extremely Wealthy

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What Is A Federal Jobs Guarantee?

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America’s Housing Crisis Is A Ticking Time Bomb

By nearly every measure, the American housing sector is broken. For decades, city, state and federal policies have contributed to rising rents, falling subsidies and the systematic shift of... Read more »