Uber And Lyft Plan To Offer Free And Discounted Rides On Election Day

With less than a month until the 2018 midterms, ridesharing companies Uber and Lyft have announced plans to offer free and discounted rides to the polls.  In partnership with... Read more »

How Apps Are Helping State Inspectors Save Time And Taxpayer Dollars

By Jenni Bergal Apps are old news, and more than three-quarters of American adults now own a smartphone. But state inspectors only recently have turned to mobile apps, which... Read more »

Facebook Admits To New Security Breach, 50 Million People At Risk

Sept 28 (Reuters) – Facebook Inc said on Friday that hackers had discovered a security flaw that allowed them to take over up to 50 million user accounts, a major breach... Read more »

Facebook Content Moderator Says Job Gave Her PTSD, Sues Company

Imagine the worst, most traumatic content the internet has to offer. Now imagine a job that inundates you with it all day, every day. Such was the life of... Read more »

Bark, The App That Sees All Your Kids’ Sexts, Has Scanned Over 2 Million Phones

Bark, a firm that sells parental smartphone-monitoring software, claims to have scanned more than a billion messages from 2 million children since it launched in 2016. The app, which... Read more »

Five Security Settings In iOS 12 You Should Change Right Now

iOS 12, Apple’s  latest mobile software for iPhone and iPad, is finally out. The new software packs in a bunch of new security and privacy features you’ve probably already heard about. Here’s what you... Read more »

New FEMA Alert System Would Have Trump Message You Directly

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is testing a new “presidential alert” system nationwide for the first time next week that will make it possible for Donald Trump to directly... Read more »

Reddit Bans Subreddit Devoted To QAnon Conspiracy Theory

Reddit took down a subreddit that served as the primary platform for the promotion of the QAnon, a conspiracy theory underpinned by the belief that President Donald Trump is working... Read more »

The New $1,449 iPhone Won’t Include A Free Headphone Dongle

In what sure seems like a blatant bit of nickel-and-diming, Apple will no longer include a free 3.5-mm headphone jack conversion dongle with the new iPhones it announced on... Read more »

SpaceX President Calls Elon Musk ‘A Brilliant Man,’ Despite Bizarre Behavior

The president of SpaceX said Tuesday that Elon Musk, the company’s founder and CEO, was “as lucid and capable as he has ever been,” despite a months-long blitz of... Read more »